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        Spring 2022,

Thank you for visiting our site - now in its 11th year supplying safety labels to boatbuilders, boatyards and boat owners. We help you to comply with the ABYC Standards and the US Code of Federal Regulations - and help you to be a little smarter on the water.  And for older boats, new labels are the quickest way to make your boat look years younger!

There is no minimum order - so you can just order one label if that's all you need.  Payments are processed through PayPal for secure transactions, but you do not have to have a PayPal account to use the service. If you would just like to use a credit card, click on "Pay with a Debit or Credit card" when you get to the PayPal screen. Labels are shipped via first class mail, or priority mail, from Portsmouth, RI, USA.  More information is listed on the "About Us" page.

If you have questions, please feel free to email us at info@boatlabels.com, or call us at (401) 862-7332.  

Have fun on the water. Be smart, and be safe!

- Paul Grimes,

Portsmouth, RI

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    Dockside Water Warning Label Mayday Calling Instructions Label
    100 Custom Discharge LabelsDockside Water Warning LabelMayday Calling Instructions Label

    (100) Custom Overboard Discharge Labels

    For any boat connected to the pressurized water system at a dock. Once connected, a leak in the water system onboard can result in water damage, or even sinking. It is important to disconnect whenever leaving the boat unattended.

    We hope you'll never need this label, but we think it's a smart thing to have near the radio in case the unthinkable happens.




    Skier in Tow Warning Label Please Don't Clog the Head! Sling Position Label
    Skier in Tow Warning LabelPlease Don't Clog the Head!Sling Position Label

    Size 1.5" x 3"

    Finally a clear message to put in plain view of the marine toilet (head) in your boat.  If this label saves even one nasty disassembly/unclogging session, it will have paid for itself several times over.

    Size: 4" x 2.25" Rectangular

    These little sling labels can prevent costly damage to boats being hauled out by travel lifts. They show the travel lift operator where to position the slings to avoid propeller shafts, saildrives, speedometer transducers, etc. Slings should also...




    Door Must Be Secured Warning Label
    Door Must Be Secured Warning Label

    Size: 3.5" x 1.75"